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Dealership History

The Schlueter automotive history began in 1946 when a young machinist named Harold Schlueter, Dennis' father, purchased a ten year old Ford, fixed it up and made $100.00. In those days that was very good money and good enough to persuade the elder Schlueter that this was a business to get in to.

Schlueter started selling used cars at King and Water Street in Kitchener, then expanded his operations in Kitchener and Waterloo, eventually becoming a Toyota dealer in 1968. Eight years later, GM came calling and asked if he would take on their products. So began the storied 36-year history of Schlueter Chev-Olds.

When Dennis Schlueter finished university he immediately dove into the thick of the business. By 1980 he was in charge of all daily operations and responsibilities. In 1986, he orchestrated a major expansion and renovation of their premises at 300 Weber Street. That same year, Acura became the first luxury Japanese brand to enter the Canadian market. Sensing opportunity it wasn't long before Fairview Acura was added to Schlueter Group.

After decades of success and service to community, Dennis Schlueter was ready and willing to make more bold changes. In 2006 he built Schlueter Hyundai in Waterloo and six years later sold the Chev-Olds dealership. "We're always trying to improve. The timing was right to sell and concentrate on expanding and improving the Acura and Hyundai stores.