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VEHICLES HAVE NEVER been safer than they are today but being safe on the road only begins with engineering:drivers are an unshakeable variable in every road safety equation. Winner of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) 2015 Best New Technology Award for Safety Innovation, Acura's cutting-edge suite of driver-assist technologies is called AcuraWatch. Its exponentially greater range of options for both detection and mitigation make behind-the-wheel experiences safer than ever. Here's a look at what each of the eight AcuraWatch systems does.


Welcome to the perfect cruise control system. with the use of a grille-mounted millimetre-wave radar and windshield mount camera, Adaptive Cruise Control allows your Acura to maintain a driver-determined speed while maintaining a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front; should that vehicle slow down, so will your Acura, coming to a complete stop if necessary. The complementary Low Speed Follow function is Adaptive Cruise Control specifically tailored for that stop-and-go, slow down/speed up dance during peak traffic hours.


A camera-based system, Forward Collision Warning detects vehicles ahead and determines when a collision is possible. Should an alert become necessary, the driver is apprised visual and audible in-cabin warnings. For just one example of the system in action, consider the familiar scenario of the vehicle in front of you suddenly braking: Forward Collision Warning detects the vehicle's radical slow down and warns you, possibly even before you've noticed.


An incredibly sophisticated piece of safety tech, Collision Mitigation Braking System takes the passive safety measures provided by Forward Collision Warning and adds a crucial element by braking for you. The system forward-scans both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. When a potential collision situation is detected, the vehicle warns the driver and begins applying braking pressure autonomously in order to reduce the severity of the collision.


All it takes is a momentary distraction to wander out of your driving lane. And yes, it can happen to anybody. Lane Departure Warning tracks the markings on either side of your lane and, should it become evident that your vehicle is moving too close to the markings without a turn signal activated, the system provides both auditory and visual notice. (Certain Acura models and trim levels come equipped with a version of this system that effects a vibration in the steering wheel when a lane departure moment is detected.) Acura's Lane Keeping Assist System is widely regarded by automotive journalists as the best of its kind in the industry today. Building on Lane Departure Warning's solid foundation, it actively helps drivers stay in the centre of their lane at all times. When the system recognizes that the vehicle is drifting off-centre, it begins gently torquing the steering wheel to course-correct. Lane Keeping Assist System is designed to work at highway speeds between 72km/h and 145 km/hr, reading lane markings that include painted lines, Botts' Dots and Cats Eyes.

Not all roads, and drivers, benefit from clearly marked lanes. As effective as are both Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assist System, they won't help you if no road markings exist to be detected. Acura's Road Departure Mitigation System kicks in when lane markings are less obvious or, simply, are non-existent. This camera-based system both searches for signs of lane markings and watches roadside shapes; upon determining that the vehicle is drifting without driver input, visual and auditory warnings are provided and seatbelts are pre-tensioned. If at this point the driver still has taken corrective action, the system applies assistive steering and braking pressure in order to keep the vehicle on the road.

Utilizing rear-mounted radar senses, Blind Spot Information monitors traffic behind your vehicle, particularly within the driver's blind spot, the system illuminates an LED indicator mounted on the inside of the A-pillars. If a turn signal is activated in the direction of the indicated vehicle, the system triggers an audible warning to notify the driver.


Drivers must constantly deal with the scenario of backing out of a parking spot in a busy lot, attempting to look in all directions simultaneously for in-motion cars and pedestrians alike. The rear-mounted radar sensors that comprise the Rear Cross-Traffic Motion alert drivers to potential danger before it can even be seen. If an approaching object is detected during vehicle back-up, the system provides an audible warning and a direction-specific visual indication on the rear-view camera.

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