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Owning an Acura is more than a driving experience. Let your Acura bring you an essential part of modern living, along with the latest technology, performance, and ultimate design.

Visit your local Acura dealer and their Acura specialists will be happy to assist you in your ownership experience. You can also register to to become an exclusive member and obtain access to specific information about your vehicle, warranty coverage, maintenance, as well as special offers. In the My Finance section, you will have the freedom to make online payments, manage your Easy Pay bank information and learn more about your Acura Plus extended warranty account information. 

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AcuraLink™** is a complete redesign of our navigation and connectivity experience; a redesign that brings Acura vehicles online and integrates them with cloud-based services. The system pairs with iOS and Android smart phones to deliver streaming music, podcasts, email and tweets-all of which you control using normal radio controls on the dash and steering wheel. Your vehicle is able to send and receive data using its built-in cellular transceiver. This technology allows you to connect with your vehicle using a smart phone or computer. You can check tire pressure, lock the doors even beep the horn and flash the lights-from across the parking lot or across town. Anywhere you have access to the Internet, you'll have access to your Acura.

AcuraLink™ is available on the 2014 and later MDX, RLX and TLX models with the Navigation package or above.

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